CARSTAR Meets the Winter Blues of Auto Body Repair Demand Service is the key to success

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(Yorkville, Illinois) - CARSTAR, the nation's largest group of collision repair stores and the largest in Yorkville have been busy repeating their company mott of Relax, We'll Take It From Here™. The recent group of fierce winter storms that produced up to 12 inches of snow across the region has tested the patience of divers, whose cars now suffer dents, dings, scrapes, and bangs.

"It's a hassle to have your car repaired and we know it, especially this time of the year when it's bitter cold,ʺ says Dan Bailey, President of the 265 collision repairs stores across the county. We just want to be as accommodating as possible and get our customers back on the road.

In Chicagoland, with 17 stores, CARSTAR has set up special services to handle the hundreds of cars in distress. The primary service program offered by 1 CARSTAR is the 1‐800‐CARSTAR program which has come to the aid of 305 customers in 2006. Anyone can call this free 24/7 accident assistance line sponsored by CARSTAR.

"The first priority of the program is safety," notes Lisa Siembab, Marketing Director for the company. If a person is injured, we immediately dispatch the police and paramedics to the scene. Once we know they are safe, we can arrange for towing services to the nearest CARSTAR location. If one is not close, we'll help find another reputable collision facility conveniently located."

During this stretch of bad weather, many local CARSTAR stores are also meeting the demand of business by extending their hours of business. And if it's too inconvenient for a customer to bring their car to CARSTAR, relax, CARSTAR will pick up and deliver the car to the owner free of charge.

As a leader among Direct Repair Programs (DRP's), or pre‐approved agreements with insurance agencies, CARSTAR is also authorized to handle the insurance arrangements and communications on behalf of the customer.

"Many customers don't realize that with our DRP status, their insurance company does not require multiple estimates," says Dean Fisher of CARSTAR in Yorkville. "In most cases, our repair process can begin the moment we receive a car in our shop and we'll work directly with the insurance company to allviate the "hassle" for the customer. We work hard to set proper expectations during 2 the repair process that help to alleviate customers stress. They want help now when they are in a jam. The sooner they are taken care of with outstanding service, the better off they will be."

"We understand how busy our customer's lives can be. Between work, shopping and kid's activities, there's simply too much to do. Many can't spare a moment. CARSTAR will take care of everything," says Dean Fisher.

"We do a great job of repairing cars" Dan Bailey says, "but we also are a great resource for our customer, so they can relax, because we'll take it from here."


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