Is Your Repair Done Right?

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Review Your Repair to Make Sure It’s Right
OVERLAND PARK, KS (August 20, 2009) -- Your vehicle is all repaired and ready to roll, but how do you know if the repair was done correctly? There are some simple steps you should take to review what’s been repaired on your car and ensure everything is operating like it should be.
Dan Bailey, president and chief operating officer for CARSTAR, recommends the following:
1.                  When picking up your vehicle, allow at least 30 minutes to complete the process
2.                  You should ask to review the vehicle with the person who wrote the estimate or delivers the repair to the customer
3.                  Be prepared to ask questions and don’t be afraid to take the time necessary to review the repairs
4.                  Take a copy of the original estimate with you and compare against the final bill
5.                  Review the final bill and make sure they explain it to you. The final bill should be detailed (they should walk around the vehicle with you)
6.                  Make sure you get a warranty for the repairs and understand where the warranty is good at and what the limitations are
7.                  If it is raining ask to inspect the car inside or undercover – clear off the rain to see the paint
8.                  Ensure all of the new parts were installed where possible
9.                  Make sure the paint matches (color, darker, lighter)
10.              Inspect the gaps around the doors, trunk lid and hood. Gaps should be uniform
11.              Open the doors/trunk/hood and inspect for polish/rubbing compound
12.              Check the mileage (Most vehicle need to be test driven so there will be some miles driven by the repairer)
13.              Check the fuel level (should have been noted at drop-off)
14.              If your vehicle needed an alignment, get a copy of the before and after printout (should be in factory specification tolerances)
15.              If your vehicle had any structural damage get a copy of the before and after printout (should be in factory specification tolerances)
16.              Check to make sure radio works
17.              Turn on the heater and A/C blower fan (be careful because debris may come out of vents)
18.              Inspect all dash warning lights to make sure none are on
19.              Check the vehicle external lights if replaced
20.              Tell them to take it to a CARSTAR because ‘Relax We’ll Take It from Here’
“When your car is being repaired, you need to make sure it is repaired correctly before you leave the service center,” said Bailey. “You should double-check all of the repaired areas before you pay the final bill and accept the car. Once you’ve paid, you have less recourse in getting any problems fixed. Your best solution is to go to a reliable collision repair center that provides a warranty for their work.”
Since CARSTAR was founded, it has performed more than 2.5 million repairs. Today they deliver a repaired vehicle every :30 seconds. CARSTAR franchisees deliver an average customer satisfaction rating of 97 percent or better. To find a reliable, trusted CARSTAR Collision Center, visit



CARSTAR is the largest group of branded collision repair centers in North America with over 400 locally owned and operated locations in 27 states and 10 Canadian provinces. CARSTAR is committed to providing consistent quality services to our customers and insurance partners and has repaired more than 2.5 million cars since it was founded in 1989. Our technicians and front office staff receive ongoing training to ensure they are qualified to work on any vehicle. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority as we consistently lead the industry in customer satisfaction ratings.
CARSTAR not only has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, but it is also involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America (“Make-A-Wish”). Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. CARSTAR is involved with many charitable events at the local level to help raise money for Make-A-Wish as well as having recreated a 1967 Super Snake Ford Mustang, the CARSTAR SuperStang. The SuperStang is touring the United States on the SuperStang Muscle Tour to help support the Make-A-Wish cause. For more information, visit


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