Fall in Love with Your Car All Over Again

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Give Your Car a Makeover that Will Bring Back that New Car Love
OVERLAND PARK, KSOnce, it had a bright, shiny finish, beautiful curves, a smooth surface and purred with your attention. You would stare at it for hours, and never let anyone drive it but you. Now, it sits gloomily in the driveway, paint dulling, and doors with dings and dents marring its once graceful lines.
But you can give your car a makeover that will cost a lot less than the traditional Valentine’s Day. Your car will look like the brand new beauty it once was, and you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

roses, dinner and jewelry
“It’ sad to see a car that used to be the pride and joy of its owner become run down, lose its looks and be cast aside in favor of a newer, shinier model,” said Dan Bailey, president and COO, of CARSTAR, the nation’s largest chain of collision centers. “Rather than go to the expense and trouble of replacing a car, there are a number of affordable improvements that a collision center can do that will take years off of a car’s looks.”
Bailey suggested that for a $500 investment, a local body shop can make the following updates to restore the looks of your car just in time for Valentine’s Day – a present that will last much longer than a dozen roses:
1.         Conduct a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior and interior
2.         Restore the headlights to remove scratches and yellow hazing that age the car and diminish visibility.
3.         Clean the wheels and tires to remove brake dust and highway grime.
4.         Restore black plastic bumpers, door handles and tires to brand new finish.
5.         Repair small scratches in the clear coat and paint to a like-new surface.
6.         Repair minor dings and dents without replacing the body panels.
7.         Replace missing or damaged trim or decorative elements.
8.         Update all of the light bulbs with newer long-lasting bulbs.
9.         Restore the finish of the car, starting with clay bar and rubbing compound and finishing with a long-lasting synthetic wax.
“With these simple updates, you’ll fall in love with your car all over again,” said Bailey. “Not only will your car look just like it once did, you’ll preserve the value of the vehicle for years to come.”
CARSTAR Collision Service offers high-quality, reliable repair service in 28 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Just call 1-800-CARSTAR when you need a vehicle repair and they will send the tow truck, contact your insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair your car. For information and store locations visit www.CARSTAR.com.
CARSTAR is the largest group of branded collision repair centers in North America with over 400 locally owned and operated locations in 28 states and 10 Canadian provinces. CARSTAR is committed to providing consistent quality services to our customers and insurance partners and has repaired more than 2.5 million cars since it was founded in 1989. Our technicians and front office staff receive ongoing training to ensure they are qualified to work on any vehicle. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority as we consistently lead the industry in customer satisfaction ratings.


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