DOT aims to eliminate 1.8 million crashes per year

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) said that the widespread deployment of advanced integrated driver assistance systems could reduce rear-end, road departure and lane-change collisions by 48 percent, which represents 1.8 million crashes.

A recent report by the Integrated Vehicle Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) outlines the progress of the DOT to introduce safety systems in new vehicles to reduce crashes.

About 3.6 million rear-end, road departure, or lane-change crashes occur each year, according to their research. Of these 3.6 million, 27,500 crashes result in one or more fatalities. These fatal crashes represent about 75 percent of all fatal crashes.

Integrated systems will provide better hazard information from multiple sensors and provide coordinated warnings to reduce driver distraction. The IVBSS initiative aims to demonstrate the technologies needed to equip all new vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems that would help drivers avoid the most common types of deadly crashes.

This initiative, in partnership with the automotive industry, builds on completed and ongoing Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) field operational tests as well as results from naturalistic driving studies. It will involve projects and studies that include private passenger vehicles and freight-carrying trucks.

The IVBSS initiative will develop information on how best to communicate warnings from an integrated system covering multiple hazards to the driver; develop objective tests and criteria for performances of systems that simultaneously address rear-end, road departure, and lane change crashes; and develop and field-test integrated vehicle-based safety systems on the road with real drivers to understand the safety benefits of integrated systems and driver behavior and acceptance.

This initiative is the first attempt to fully integrate the individual solutions that address these three types of crashes. The research will combine existing research results, state-of-the-art commercial products and system integration efforts to develop and demonstrate an integrated solution to these problems.


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